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Ah MSTs. Not only are they funny but they help you write better because they point out all of the mistakes one at a time rather than the usual unhelpful reviews like "This was good" or "That sucked!"

Which is why I publicly give you any fics I've written. MST them to your hearts content! I welcome it! And of course you can add a Tenchi cast member to the MST cast so it can be posted here...

Example of an MST for those who don't know.


Disclaimer: I don't own Tenchi or any other characters residing at the
Misaki house. They all belong to Pioneer/AIC. I am not making any money off
of this story so please don't sue me.

Authors notes: This is my first attempt at fan fiction. This story is
completely set in the OVA universe. Sayings in between *...* are thoughts.
'Nuff said, on to the story.

I know this guy so I decided to MST his story.
-----Clayton Overstreet


Ryoko the space pirate
Tenchi Masaki
Aeka Jurai
Gene Starwind
Clayton Overstreet (The author MSTing this)

Tenchi: (Looks around) So this is what these are like. I've never done this
Ryoko: It's all right Tenchi, we'll walk you through it. After all the ones
I've had to do with that Weber guy...
Aeka: (Sneers) Atleast you don't have to work with Peter Suzuki
Gene: Well I had to MST one of Clayton's fics. Wasn't even a lemon (Glares
at Clayton)
Clayton: (Shrugs) I only have four lemons in the whole world. I'm more into
Aeka: Well do you have to stick Ryoko with Tenchi every time?
All others: YES!
Clayton: And like I said, I know this guy. He does the same thing.
Aeka: (Looks at Tenchi and Ryoko as they hold hands and mumbles) Stinking
Earth taboos...

MST of A Valentine's Day to Remember

Gene: What day was it again?
by Leeman

Clayton: Who became a superhero due to an accident at a geans factory

It was the dawn of February 13, 2001. Tenchi awoke to find to familiar
bloodshot eyes inches from his own.
He immediately barked, "Ryoko! Is it
necessary for you to be floating above me every morning!?!?"

Ryoko: Yes, it is

"I'm sorry Tenchi," she purred. "I must make sure you're safe."

Aeka: If you want to do that, leave
Ryoko: (Growls at her) Shut up or I'll get Clayton to make you MST that
Mayuka lemon again
Aeka: (Shuts up)

Tenchi half smiled at this. He really did like having her watch over him,

Aeka: Tenchi, do you really like that?
Tenchi: Well it was kind of creepy at first, but I guess so

but he wouldn't admit it to anyone, including himself. "Please move so I can
get up," said Tenchi as he looked into her eyes, he couldn't help feel a
kind of warmth inside of them.

Clayton: I thought you wouldn't admit it to yourself
Tenchi: (Shrugs)

"Sure Tenchi, but how 'bout a kiss first?" She said seductively. She watched
the usual look of annoyance spread over his face. She liked to annoy him,
but it did hurt her every time he rejected her charms.

Tenchi: I'm sorry but I just don't like the cereal bits they put in with the

"Ryoko," Tench said in an annoyed voice, "Must we always have this
conversation? I am not going to kiss you, and you know it. Now please leave
so I can get up and get ready for school."

Aeka: Woo hoo!

Ryoko looked into his eyes for a
few moments when an idea popped up in her head. If Tenchi wasn't going to
kiss her, then she would just have to kiss him. An evil grin spread across
her face, and before Tenchi could react, Ryoko floated down and pressed her
lips against his. She kissed him passionately, and to her amazement, Tenchi
kissed her back.

Others: Woo hoo!
Aeka: (Her tiara glows blue and the logs appear)
Others: (Suddenly very quiet)

After their lips were locked together for over a minute.
Ryoko removed her lips from his.

Gene: (As Ryoko) Tenchi, you need to stop eating glue

She smiled and then she phased out without
saying a word.

Aeka: Yeah right

Tenchi just laid there staring at the ceiling. He couldn't believe what just

Clayton: The girl who's rubbed up against him for years gave him a peck on
the lips
Gene: I'll call Ripley's
Tenchi: Hey, I was raised in the middle of nowhere. Give me a break. Did you
see any girls like her at my school?

How could he have allowed himself to do such a thing. He was attracted to
her, but he couldn't let anyone know that, especially Ryoko, because he
didn't want any of the other girls living with him to know that.

Aeka: Oh, this is subtle

He didn't
want to see the house destroyed or Ryoko hurt by Ayeka, and he didn't want
to hurt anyone's feelings.

Ryoko and Aeka: Wimp
Tenchi: Hey!

He knew all of the girls had feelings for him in
one way or another. *God, I am such an idiot. Why do I let her get to me?

Ryoko: (Wicked grin) Cause I look like this

What is Ayeka going to say when she finds out?

Aeka: That you are condemed to death.
Clayton: Aeka, I wrote that fic. You didn't like what happened

Tenchi pulled himself out of
bed and went to take a shower. After he got out of the shower and dressed in
his black school uniform, he went downstairs to find Sasami cooking

"Good morning Sasami." Tenchi said as he walked up behind her. "Need any

Gene: You're sure this isn't a lemon?
Clayton: Possitive

"Good morning Tenchi," Sasami beamed with a smile that would make the
hardest heart melt. "I have everything under control here, but could you
please wake up everyone else and tell them breakfast is nearly done?

"Sure Sasami," said Tenchi as he began heading out of the room. He was
headed for Washu's lab.

Gene: Boy, for a non-lemon he sure is getting a lot of he- (Is hit by Aeka
and Ryoko)

When he got there, he knocked and waited for Washu
to answer. Suddenly a subspace portal opened up behind him, and Washu walked
out and grabbed Tenchi's butt.

Ryoko: Mom! That's mine.
Tenchi: (Get's a nosebleed)

Tenchi yelped and jumped a few feet in the
air. Upon landing, he quickly turned around to see Washu looking up at him
with an innocent smile on her face.

Clayton: Run for your lives!

"What do you want Tenchi? Did you come here to let me get that sample? Her
smile broadened, and the door to her lab flew open and a robot grabbed
Tenchi with its 6 long tenticle-like arms and flew back into the lab with
Tenchi screaming in horror all the way.

Gene: Did she say all that?
Aeka: No, he just missed some quotation marks

It finally approached a familiar
wall unit used to trap any victims Washu was able to get into her lab. Using
its tenticle-like arms it strapped Tenchi to the wall unit despite his
screams and desperate struggling. A subspace portal opend up once more and
Washu appeared wearing a tight nurse outfit. A wicked smile spread across
her face as she saw Tenchi had already been strapped to the wall.

Clayton: (Announcer's voice) How will Tenchi get out of this one? Will Washu
get that sperm sample?
Ryoko and Tenchi: No!

"Washu, please let me go," said a desparate Tenchi as he looked at Washu
with a look of terror on his face.

"Now Tenchi, you don't really want me to let you go. Quit being so shy, it's
a lot more fun when you cooperate"

Clayton: Does this guy even have a spelling and gramar checker?
Aeka: You're one to talk. Who was it who spelled Kiyone and my names as
Ayeaka ans Kyonei?

Washu giggled and her holotop computer
appeared out of thin air and began rapidly typing in commands.

Ryoko: (As Washu) Because I don't know how to use Windows

"Let me go Washu!" Tenchi was desparately trying to free himself, but there
was no escape. Washu looked up at him with a smile that would terrify a god.
She hit one more key on her holotop, and all of Tench's clothes disappeard
except for his stripped boxers.

Gene: Hey, this isn't Toonami! Lose the shorts ya wuss! (Ryoko hits him) Ow!
Ryoko: Don't make me tell Melfina about this.
Gene: (grumbles abot android girls sticking together)

Washu's holotop disappeared and Washu pulled
a white glove out of a small subspace portal, and put it on her hand.

Tenchi: What are the chances she is going to behave like a real nurse?
Clayton: Slim to none

walked up to Tenchi who was as terrified as a mouse cornered by a cat. She
pulled back the elastic waist band on his boxers and then let it smack
against his waist.

Aeka: (As Washu) Bad waist.

"Please let me go, Washu. I don't want to be molested by a twelve-year-old."

All: Oh crap

Tenchi realized he made a huge mistake in saying this. Washu was over twenty
thousand years old and she could take on her extremely sexy adult form
anytime she wanted to.

"Have it your way Tenchi." Washu was suddenly at eye level with Tenchi even
though his feet were six inches off the ground.

Aeka: Did he have to use THAT particular length?

Tenchi looked down at her
gorgeous body and gulped. Washu was pleased with his reaction. "Is that
better Tenchi, dear?"

Tenchi: (Faints)
Ryoko: I can't believe he still does this. I mean he's kissed Sakuya and had
sex with Haruna and me. He should be over this.

A lump suddenly formed in his throat and he gulped again. He knew there was
no escape. He sighed in resignation as he prepared himself for what Washu
was going to do to him.

Ryoko: (Glares at Tenchi)

Suddenly an idea occured to him. "Washu, if I try to
summon the light hawk wings for you to study later on tonight after I get
home from school, will you let me go?"

Washu thought this over for a second and replied, "Sure, but it would be so
much more fun for you if you let me collect that sample."

Gene: I could take his place
Ryoko: Washu probably built the galactic leyline and you think she wouldn't
know the difference between you and Tenchi?

She looked at him
with pleading eyes, and Tenchi felt a sudden yearning to tell her to go
ahead and collect that sample. After all, he was a male teenager with the
hormones to match,

Clayton: Like hell he is
Tenchi: It's not my fault. I'm doing my best
Gene: Hey I picked between Suzuka and Melfina
Clayton: I can think of a hundred guys who would like to take your place

and Washu's beauty is matched by only a few elite women
in the universe.

Clayton: Most of whom just happen to live at his house
Ryoko: And he still likes me better!
Aeka: (Snorts)

Tenchi's uncanny ability to fight off any astray thoughts
and urges took over, however.

Aeka: That's his royal Jurai heritage
Ryoko: I'll have to have Washu remove that
Gene: Or bring plenty of cottonballs on your honeymoon
Clayton: Aeka, what would you do if you ever actually had seen him naked?
Aeka: (Blushes and looks down)

"Let me go now, or I will never let you study the light hawk wings," Tenchi
said in a determined voice.

"It's your loss Tenchi," said Washu in a disappointed voice. She pulled up
her holotop computer again and typed a few commands into it. Tenchi's
clothes were immediately returned and the restraints of the wall unit
opened, letting Tenchi land on the ground safely. Washu suddenly shrunk down
to her child form once again and her nurse outfit was replaced with her old
science academy uniform replaced it. She took off her glove and threw it
over her shoulder into a subspace portal that opened right on que.

Gene: (As Que from Star Treck) Ah! Get it off, get it off!
Ryoko: I think that's what Washu was trying to do
Tenchi: Ryoko...
Ryoko: (Looks at him) Hey, you were the one about to go along with her!

Tenchi suddenly remembered breakfast and asked, "Washu, are you going to eat
breakfast this morning?" As if on que, her stomach let out an audible

Clayton: (WWF announcer) Let's get ready to rumble!
Aeka: Have you no shame?
Clayton: (Evil grin) Have you read my Sakura fics?

"I'm starving. Let's go eat," she opened a subspace portal and she and
Tenchi walked through it. After taking a few steps through a black area with
green steaks flying past them, an opening appearead.

Gene: Now how does something appearead?
Ryoko: Don't ask

Tenchi and Washu walked
through the opening and into the dining room. Sasami was setting the table
and the aroma of pancakes filled the air.
Tecnhi walked up stairs to wake up
Mihoshi and Ayeka.

Ryoko: (Pats Tenchi's cheek) Tecnhi, wake up

After eating their breakfast, which was uneventful due to Ryoko's absence,

Ryoko: Hey!

everyone praised Sasami for her excellent cooking

Aeka: And because she is a goddess

and went about their usual
activites. Tenchi went off to school. Ayeaka did the laundry, and Sasami
dusted throughout the house with Ryo-ohki in cabbit form, sitting on top of
her head. Mihoshi vacuumed, and Washu conducted her experiments. Yosho
carried out his duties as the shrine master, and Ryoko was no where to be

Aeka: The perfect day
Ryoko: Shut up Aeka

All of the girls gathered in the living room to watch soap operas
with the exception of Ryoko. Ayeka and Washu were curious as to why Ryoko
would miss watching the soaps. She has never missed a single episode
sinceshe started watching them. Ryoko completely shut off her mental link
Washu a couple of days ago, which prevented Washu from reading Ryoko's

Ryoko: And kept me from hearing her steady mantra of 'All work and no play
makes Washu a dull girl...'

Soon, however, Washu and Ayeka forgot all about Ryoko as they lost
themselves in the realm of romance in the wonderful world of the soap opera.

Ryoko sat in a special spot she discovered last spring while floating
through the woods. Cherry blossoms rained on Ryoko as she sat on the special
throne like seat that she carved out of a block of marble.

Gene: Need a newspaper or something?

It resembled a
love seat, but it had an arm rest in the middle. Ryoko had carved beautiful
designs all over it, including Tenchi's face on the back rest of one seat
and her own face on the other. There were many other marble items around
this small clearing that was surrounded by cherry trees.

Ryoko: That's right! At Ryoko's Flintstone furniture emporium we have rock
bottom prices.

She had a bust of
every member of the family, including Ayeka. She also had a life-sized
statue of her and Tenchi with their arms around each other and their faces
inches apart.
Their eyes were locked on each other, and their facial
expressions told of pure joy. Her statues were so life-like that they would
blow Michaelangelo's statues away.

Gene: (As a Tenchi statue doing a Schwartzinegger impression) Take that
David, I'll be back for the ceiling later.

She carved each of these statues using a
small tool that she formed our of her energy and took extreme care in
keeping this spot a secret.

Clayton: (Sighs) Damn, now she has to kill us all
Aeka: (Sees where this fic is headed) Me first!

She sat there staring at the statue of her and
Tenchi. Oh how she wished that statue would become a reality, but Tenchi was
not interested in her as a lover. She finally kissed Tenchi which was
something she had wanted to do for over 18 years now, but she knew it was
wrong of her to do so in such a manner.

All: Yeah right!

Even though Tenchi kissed back, she
still forced him to do so. She wanted him to kiss her on his own will, and
not out of instinct. She loved him so much that she was willing to die a
thousand painful deaths in order to save him.

Tenchi: (Kisses Ryoko's cheek)
Aeka: Knock it off

There is nothing that she
wouldn't do for him. She couldn't express her feelings for him though.

Ryoko: Like hell I can't! (Grabs Tenchi and frenches him)

kept up her fortress of strength, and wouldn't let anyone see the frail
person underneath.

Aeka: So that's what you did with Sakuya
Ryoko: Shhh!

She played Tenchi and glomped him every chacne she got

Ryoko: Is that anything like acne?

because she wanted to be close to him. Even though he would push her away,
she could feel him close to her for a few moments. She would tease and annoy
him because she couldn't openly express how she felt about him. Each time
she glomped him though, she hoped against hope that he wound't push her
away, but he did every time. Kagato had never allowed her to feel any
emotions or weakness.

Gene: Did this guy even see the show?
Ryoko: Believe me, when I was with Kagato weakness was an understatement.

His influence left its mark on her soul, and therefore
she hid her emotions behind a veil of playfullness.

Clayton and Gene: (Slapping eachother's hands and speaking in Ryoko's voice)
And pat it, and mark it with a B, and put it in the oven for baby and me!

Despite her attempts to
hide her true nature, sometimes it would shine through.

Tenchi: (Little kid voice) Redrum! Redrum!

She would often
comfort Sasami after a bad nightmare and sing her back to sleep. On cold
nights, she would put Mihoshi's blanket back on her when she kicked it off
in her sleep. When Ayeka would pass out from drinking too much sake, it was
Ryoko who put her to bed and made her as comfortable as possible.

Aeka: Oh yeah? Well what about that time with the bowl of warm water?
Ryoko and Gene: (Snicker)

Ryoko was
a gentle, caring, loving soul, but she also hid an enormous amount of sorrow
and guilt for the thousands upon thousands of people Kagato made her kill.
Everytime she slept she had nightmares of the hell that evil bastard put her
through. She wished she could bring all of the people she killed back to
life so they could be with their families.

Ryoko: Actually I did. Vegita helped me find the dragon balls a while ago

At times she considered herself
unworthy of being loved by anyone, and she would contemplate leaving her
family for the solitude and coldness of space.

Aeka: I wish
Tenchi: Aeka!

She couldn't break up the
bond that Sasami had with Ryo-ohki though.

Gene: (As Ryo-oki) Damn Washu's superglue

Besides Tenchi, the person she
felt closest to was Sasami. She loved Sasami like a little sister. This was
because Sasami was always so cheerful. She couldn't stand see the child cry.
She killed hundreds of little girls like her, but she would make sure no
harm ever came upon a beautiful blue hair on her head. She knew it would
hurt her very much if she left with Ryo-ohki. During the two years she has
lived with Tenchi, she has become fond of every family member in one way or
the other. Ayeka is probably her best friend, but theirs is a complicated

Ryoko, Aeka, Gene, and Clayton: (Fake coughing) Bullshit!

They express their feelings by fighting. They use harsh word
and throw energy blasts at each other, but they would never intentionally
harm one another. They would get drunk together quite often, and even had
serious talks in which they were honest with each other once in a blue moon.
They really did hate each other during the first months of living with
Tenchi, but they gradually developed into good friends. If a day went by
where they didn't fight, they would feel like that day would be a total

Aeka: Wrong!

Ryoko also loved her mom, Washu, but they had a bad relationship.
Ryoko hated it when Washu would try to get a certain sample from Tenchi, and
Washu also played cruel tricks on Ryoko.

Gene: (As Washu) Now you've got a tail, now you don't.

Ryoko also was displeased at the
fact that Washu acts like a child most of the time. She wished she would
grow up, and actually act like a mother would.
Ryoko was also found of
Mihoshi in a way. Ryoko also drank with Mihoshi on occasion, and has a few
memories of their adventures together. Ryoko couldn't believe how lucky the
blonde was though. She has luck that would put the Irish to shame.

Clayton: (as the leprechaun) Aye, and she be stealin' me pot of gold too.

Ryoko and her went to a casino. Mihoshi engaged in several card games, and
she won every one.

Aeka: (as Mihoshi) Go fish!

Ryoko also one quite a bit of money playing the slot
machines, but Mihoshi brought home 10 times the amount of money Ryoko had.
Ryoko was fond of Yosho too.

Gene: Not half as much as Aeka is.
Aeka: I can have you executed you know

Because he imprisoned her in the cave, her days
of mass murder came to an end, and she fell in love with Tenchi. Tenchi gave
her a purpose in life. Even though the cave was a dark hell, it was nothing
compared to her life with Kagato.

Ryoko: That's right, he didn't have cable

Yosho was also a good person to talk to at
times. She even liked Nobilyuki. He was a nice person to have a conversation
with when he wasn't trying to look down her blouse.

When the soap operas were over Sasami cooked chicken and noodle soup for
lunch. Ayeka was a little worried about Ryoko missing two meals and their
soap operas, but she figured Ryoko could take care of herself. Yosho also
thought it odd that Ryoko would be absent for two meals. He dismissed it as
one of her mood swings though and proceeded to eat the delicious lunch
Sasami had prepared.

Ryoko: Oh I feel special now. Taking second place to soup.
Aeka: Well I think there were crackers too
Ryoko: Oh, that's ok then

After lunch, Yosho went back to the shrine, and Washu
returned to her lab. Mihoshi went to watch her favorite show, Space Police

All: Wrong series!

and Sasami played checkers with Ryo-ohki who was now in her
toddler form. Ayeka decided to have a soak in the onsen. Ryoko had fallen
asleep on her throne.

Gene: (starts to speak)
Ryoko: (Put's her sword to his throat) Not one word.

Tenchi was staring outside the window, totally oblivious to the teacher's
lecture on the history of World War II. He was thinking about the kiss Ryoko
planted on him this morning.
Why had she kissed him like that?

Clayton: Good question (Looks at Ryoko)
Ryoko: (Shrugs)

Why did he
enjoy it so much?

All: (Look at Tenchi with raised eyebrows)

Why does Ryoko watch over him while he sleeps?

Ryoko: Cause he does this cool thing with his toes.

He knew
that Ryoko liked him, but how deep where her feelings for him?

Ryoko: (Whispers in Tenchi's ear)
Tenchi: (blushes deep red)

She kissed
him with such passion and intensity, that it left any kisses Romeo and
Juliet exchanged in the dust.

Gene: Then why didn't they say that earlier?

It felt so right to kiss her though. His
heart, mind, and body were one in that moment. He felt so warm and safe,
like he had when his mother used to hold him in her arms.

Ryoko: Not what I was going for

He didn't want the
kiss to end, and he was saddend when Ryoko pulled her lips away from his. It
was the first time he had ever kissed one of the girls. When the class was
over, Tenchi went to his locker. As soon as he arrived a girl by the name of
Sakuya walked over and handed him a Valentine's card.

Ryoko: (Pulls up her sleeve and prepares an energy sword)
Tenchi: (Hides)

He thanked her, and
suddenly he realized that he didn't get the girls at home anything for
Valentine's Day. He cursed at himself for being so forgetful,

Tenchi: May I get a papercut
Ryoko: You forget to get me a Valentine's day present and you'd better hope
that's all you get

and he vowed
to get them presents right after school. Luckily, he was just paid his
allowance, so he had plenty of money to bny them all gifts. The rest of the
day dragged by slowly. Finally, the bell of his final class rang, signaling
the end of school.

Clayton: Unfortunately due to Washu's tests it also left him with a craving
for cheese

Instead of heading straight home, he headed into town to
buy all of the girls gifts. He stopped at a candy store first. He saw small,
heart-shaped box filled with white chocolates. He decided that it was
perfect for Sasami because she is alwasys cooking superb meals, and white
chocolate is simply the chocolate of chocolates.

Gene: I prefer milk chocolate myself
All: (Nod in agreement)

He also spotted a cute
teddy bear that was holding a small box of carmel candies. That would be
perfect for Mihoshi.

Clayton: Mihoshi, something sticky, and something furry
All: Perfect!

Next, he visited a large department store. He saw a
small chocolate computer and thought it would be perfect for Washu. He
continued to shop around until he spotted a large and white heart shaped
box, full of cream-filled chocolates.

Aeka: I may not be from Earth, but why are they selling this stuff in a
department store?
Ryoko: For once you have a point

He thought it would be perfect for
Ayeaka. Now he had to find a gift for Ryoko. This was going to be a
challenge. He shopped for about a half an our before he spotted a small
treasure chest. It was gold-plated with a small heart on the top. It was
filled chocolate covered cherries, and it had a message on the underside of
the lid that said, "A friend is someone you know by heart."

Tenchi: I think this is getting repedative

Tenchi thought
it would be the perfect gift. He bought a red ribbon on the way home,

Gene: Insert dragon ball joke here.

tied it in a bow on a carrot for Ryo-ohki. He also bought a half-dozen roses
to put on his mother's grave. When he was done, he had spent all of the
money he had, but he was very please with what he bought. Tenchi kept the
items hidden from view by keeping them in a paper bag.

Aeka: Better keep it away from Ryoko, she'd probably think it was alchohal

When he arrived home,
he hid the bag in his room and came downstairs to be with his family.

Clayton: The perfect place to put chocolate.

was almost finished with dinner, and Ayeka went to tell Washu it was time to

Aeka: My sister does more than cook you know.
Gene: Like what?
Aeka: She... she... cleans and plays with Ryo-oki.

Mihoshi was playing with her control cube, trying to get a glass of
water. She had already materialized a small mountain of junk, before she
finally succeeded. Ryo-ohki was begging Sasami for carrots, and Ryoko was
still gone.

Ryoko: So it's been two days and nobody has looked for me yet?

Ayeka came to the table and sat down next to Tenchi, and Washu
sat across from him. Nobilyuki

Tenchi: That's the second time he spelled my dad's name like that

sat next to Washu, followed by Yosho, who sat
on the other side of Washu. Mihoshi sat next to Nobilyuki,

Tenchi: Third time

and Sasami sat
next to Ayeka after she brought all of the food to the table. Tenchi
wondered where Ryoko was, and as if on que, Ayeka let him know that Ryoko
has been gone all day.

Gene: You guys don't seem to be very talkative tonight

Tenchi resolved to look for her after dinner and
enjoyed the burbon chicken Sasami served. "Tenchi, did you get all the girls
a Valentine's Day gift?" aske Nobilyuki.

Tenchi: Four times
Clayton: Tenchi, let it go

"Yes, I bought them right after school," replied Tenchi.

"What is Valentine's Day Lord Tenchi?" inquired Ayeka.

"It's a holiday where people exchange gifts with their friends of the
opposite sex,"

Gene: Like Tenchi ever used the word 'sex' in his life
Ryoko: Watch it!

"When is this Valentine's Day?" asked Washu.

"Tomorrow," replied Tenchi. All of the girls gasped.

Aeka: Sasami, you left the gas on!

After dinner, they all
asked Nobliyuki for advice on buying Tenchi gifts. He explained more in
depth about Valentine's Day, and also the traditional types of gifts.
*Tomorrow will be a good day for Tenchi and I to confess our love for each
other,* thought Ayeka.

Aeka: (glares at Ryoko)
Ryoko: (Smiles at Aeka)

*I wonder why Tenchi didn't mention this holiday to
us in the past,* thought Washu. Before Tenchi left to look for Ryoko, he was
thoroughly questioned by the girls as to why he didn't tell them about
Valentine's Day in the past.

Clayton: (As little Sneezer) Repadative? No I'm not reppedative. What makes
you think I'm repedative? Did I mention I'm not repedative?

"Life was too hectic last year, and I also owed
my dad (Nobilyuki is Tenchi's father, in case you didn't know) money for
breaking his best bottle of wine, while throwing a ball for Ryo-ohki." Washu
then materialized her holotop computer and turned Tenchi into a frog.

Tenchi: Ribbit
Gene: Oh, that's harsh

"That will teach you for not buying the brightest and cutest genuis in the
universe a Valentine's Day gift."

Tenchi: (Whispers to Ryoko) If I knew her I would, but the closest we have
is Washu
Ryoko: (snorts)
Gene: You do know Washu can hear that right?
Tenchi: Oops

After watching Tenchi hop around in
annoyance for about 5 minutes, Sasami asked Washu to restore Tenchi to his
normal state. She typed in a command on her holotop and Tenchi became human
again. Tenchi announced that he was going to look for Ryoko, and he quickly
left. Ayeka would normally have protested, but she was worried about Ryoko
as well,

Aeka: Not!

and she remained quiet. Tenchi checked the usual places Ryoko hung
around. That included the cave,

Ryoko: which we've already said I hate

the shrine roof, and the roof of the Masaki
house. He also checked Funaho (that is Yosho's space tree), but he couldn't
find her. He was getting pretty worried, and he decided to ask Washu for
some help. He headed back to the house, but he discovered that Nobilyuki had
driven them into town so they could buy Tenchi gifts. Tenchi decided to
check the onsen.

Clayton: He seems uncharacteristically decisive all of a sudden

*Maybe she came home and had a soak,* Tenchi thought. He
knocked on the door because only women could open the door to the onsen. If
a man opened it, a normal bathroom would be there. After getting no anwer,
he was getting pretty worried.
It wasn't like Ryoko to miss meals. He
thought about any other places Ryoko could be. He recalled seeing her go
into the woods on a certain trail.

Ryoko: (as Elmer Fudd) Shh, be vewy vewy quiey, I'm hunting cabbits

He also recalled that she liked cherry
blossoms. Maybe she went out there somewhere. He opened the dresser drawer
and grabbed the Tenchi-ken.

Tenchi: Why would I grab the sword?
All: (Shrug)

He also grabbed a flashlight because night was
quickly approaching. He then left the house to follow the trail.

All: (Humming the tune to The Road to Eldorado)

The girls decided to split up once they reached town.

Clayton: That's right, they're all going their separate ways
Gene: Sasami became a gourmet chef
Aeka: I went into fashion design
Ryoko: And Mihoshi won the lottery

They all agreed to
meet back at the van in an hour. Sasami went with Ayeka and Ryo-ohki, and
Mihoshi went with Washu. Ayeaka's group stopped at a small flower shop.
Ayeka bought a dozen pink carnations and told the shop keeper to have them
put in a beautiful vase with a card that read, "With my love always Princess
Ayeka." She told him that she would be back in 30 minutes to pick up her

Aeka: And make sure you cook them all the way through this time!

Sasami wanted to buy Tenchi some candy so their next stop was a candy
store. Sasami bought a box of carmels. Having another 15 minutes before
Ayeka's order was ready, the decided to stop at a ice cream shop and indulge
in some hot fudge sundaes. Mihoshi and Washu went into a large department
store and searched for their own gifts to give Tenchi.

Clayton: Fifty bucks says they won't so much as look at clothes or
Gene: You're on!

After searching for
about 10 minutes, a balloon whose sting was attached to a small bag of
Hershey's Kisses caught Washu's eye. After purchasing it, she sat on a bench
in the front of the store to wait for Mihoshi.

Gene: (Grumbles and pays Clayton his money)

Twenty five minutes later,
Mihoshi appeard with a heart shaped box of chocolates. They then proceeded
to head back to the van. Ayeka's group went to pick up the order of flowers,
and headed back to the van.

Clayton: (Begins to speak)
Ryoko: Do that little Sneezer thing again and I'm gone
Clayton: (Remains quiet)

The all arrived within 10 minutes and left for home.

Tenchi had been walking quite some distance. The group of cherry trees was
small, and he soon found himself walking in a pretty thick pine forest. It
wasn't dark yet, but it would be within a 30 minutes or so.

Aeka: Too many time frames

Even though he
had been in these woods many times, he had somehow neglected this area. He
decided he would walk for another 10 minutes before he would turn back. As
he was walking, he noticed some cherry blossoms on the ground. He knew they
were two far away to come from the cherry trees at the beginning of the
trail so that meant that they came from somewhere near. He walked for
another minute before he noticed a large group of cherry trees up ahead.

Tenchi: I missed a whole bunch of Cherry trees?
Gene: I guess it really will make you go blind. (Ryoko glares at him) Oh
please, he didn't touch any of you for months.
Tenchi: (Blushes)

he reached them, he noticed that they seemed to go back as far as the eye
could see.

Tenchi: How is it I miss these things?

He sighed and continued onward.

Nobilyuki parked the van, and they all got out and went into the house. They
were careful to not make a sound as they entered so they could hide their
gifts before Tenchi could see them. They soon realized that he wasn't there,
and not knowing where he and Ryoko were, they decided to wait patiently for
his return.

Aeka: Like I would do that!

Tenchi walked and walked, but he still didn't see and end to the cherry

Clayton: Despite the fact that they ended twenty feet ahead

He just happended to look to the right and he noticed what appearded
to be some statues. He decided to investigate and headed in that direction.

Gene: Decisions decisions

The statues were very far away, and all he could tell is that they were
statues of people. He soon realized that the statues were all members of his
family. He stood in awe as he got close enough to see the details of the
statues. His jaw dropped when he noticed the statue of him and Ryoko,
holding each other.

Aeka: I feel a bit ill myself
Ryoko: Why don't you date outside your family?
Aeka: Like who?
Clayton: Well Kiyone isn't in this one so Mihoshi is free... (Aeka hits him)

After staring at the statue for a few minutes, he regained his composure and
looked around. He noticed Ryoko's sleeping form sitting on what appeared to
be a marble love seat. He walked closer and examined the designs on the love
seat. He noticed his face on the back the seat next to Ryoko's.

Gene: You seem to be noticing a lot
Tenchi: I guess

*I never
thought Ryoko to be the type to sculpt, and I never in a million years would
have guessed she would be this good..* He looked at Ryoko. His heart skipped
a beat as he saw how beautiful the marble background made her look.

Clayton: Oh wait, it was a heart attack.

noticed it was getting darker, so he decided to wake her up. He put his hand
on her shoulder and gently shook her. "Ryoko. Ryoko, wake up. Rise and
shine. Ryoko." Her eyes slowly opened and peered into Tenchi's. She smiled
until she realized where she was.

Ryoko: Hey, this isn't Disneyland!

"Tenchi. Why are you here? How did you get here?"

Tenchi: Well you see my mother and father loved eachother very much and...

Before Tenchi could answer
she phased out and reappeard behind him. Her secret was uncovered. She
didn't want anyone to see this place, especially Tenchi.

"Ryoko, Did you really create these statues?" She looked at him with tears
forming in her eyes.

"I didn't want anyone to know about this place. Why did you come here!?!?"
she cried.

Ryoko: Please, it takes more than that to make me cry. It takes a sadistic
fiend with no personality.
Aeka: But I made you cry once (All the others plug their ears as Aeka yells
at Ryoko)

Tenchi was startled by the anguish in her voice. He brought his head down
and looked blankly at the ground. "I'm sorry Ryoko. I was worried about you.
I looked all over for you, and I couldn't find you. I was scared something
had happened to you. I was thinking of what to do, and I remembered seeing
you fly off in this direction a few times in the past. It was the last place
I thought of looking."

"Why were you worried about me? What business is it of yours where I am!?!?"

Ryoko: Ok, now that was just a stupid reaction. I'd have been all over him
at this point
Tenchi: (Gulp)

"I care about you, Ryoko, I don't want anything to happen to you. You've
never missed meals. I didn't know what to think. For all I know, someone
seeking revenge on you for killing their family could have taken you or
killed you!" Ryoko glared at him. His last comment pissed her off. She loved
him with all of her heart though, and she didn't want to fight with him. She
decided to take the easy way out, and she phased out and reappeard in the
cave. She tried to hold back her tears, but she failed miserably. She sat
down, hugged her knees, and she cried her eyes out.

Ryoko: (Feels around on the ground) My eyes!

Tenchi stood there for a few moments in disbelief. *What the hell just
happened here.* Saddness overtook him though and a tear made a trail down
his face.

Clayton: (as the tear) I hear they found gold under his chin!

He never meant to hurt her. He violated her soul.

Ryoko: (grins at Tenchi and kisses his cheek) We'll do THAT later

*How the hell
was I supposed to know that this was her personal spot.*

Gene: (Opens his mouth)
All: Shut up Gene!

Bitterness replaced
his saddness. *How many times has she violated my privacy. I don't act like
that when she violates me.*

Aeka: I knew she was violating him!
Ryoko: You have no idea (Evil grin)
Gene: Do tell

Then he realized something. *I do act like that
when she violates my privacy. This was her one place that she tried to keep

Ryoko: If you saw the episode where we went to that bath house you know
that's true
Clayton and Gene: (Sigh) Toonami covered you up

She doesn't want anyone to know how much she cares. How could I have
yelled at her like that. Man, I am so stupid. I hope she will forgive me.*
It was getting dark, so he turned on his flashlight and began the long walk
back to his house.

Clayton: And thus begins, Blair Witch 3

Ayeka was getting worried. *What could that monster woman be doing with my

Aeka: Yeah!

She decided to talk to Washu.

Ryoko: Why does everyone want to talk to her all of a sudden?

She made her way to the door of
Washu's lab and knocked. The door opened and Washu asked, "What is it

"Is it possible for you to locate Ryoko and Tenchi?
Washu thought for a
moment. She knew they were in the area because no space ships have left

"I could send out a few robots to survey the area."

"Would you please, Washu?" Washu glared at her. Ayeka quickly realized her
mistake. "I mean, would you please, Little Washu.." A cute, goofy smile
appeared on Washu's face.

Clayton: (As Washu as Goofy) Heeyuck!

"Of course I will Ayeka," Washu beamed.

All: Ahhh! Not again! (Remark related to Clayton's fic 'A fair contest')

She phased in her holotop and
furiosly typed in some commands.

Ryoko: One of these days she's going to get repedative stress disorder from
that keyboard

Three robots, identical to the one that
grabbed Tenchi earlier, flew out of the lab, through the house, and out the
front door.

Gene: (as the robots)Freedom!

Tenchi had just made his way out of the forest He saw 3 robots
flying towards him. Tenchi decided to take out his fustrations on them.

Tenchi: Since when am I prone to random acts of violence
Gene: Since you haven't touched any of the girls in your house the entire
time they were there

layed low until they came in his range. He activated his Tenchi-ken and
leaped in the air. In one swipe he cut through two of them. He quickly
turned around to see the third one fly away. Washu was watching this on the
display. *I wonder what his problem is.*

Clayton: Too many to list (ducks under Ryoko's blow only to have Aeka slap

She steered the robot towards the
shrine to see if Ryoko was there. Tenchi smiled at the two demolished robots
in front of him. *That is a great way to relieve stress.* He then headed for
the house.

After Washu checked the shrine and decided to check the cave. Ryoko was
sitting in the cave.

All: Think before you type!

She wasn't crying anymore, but she was still hugging
her knees,

Ryoko: (As abominable smowman) I will name them George and I will hug them
and pet them and carress them...
Tenchi: (Whispers) Can I help?
Ryoko: (blushes)

and now she was rocking back and forth. *Why did Tenchi have to
find that place?* she thought bitterly.

Clayton: Because you didn't come home for two days

*Wait a minute. Tenchi said he cared about me. He was actually scared
something had happened to me. I shouldn't have acted like that. I need to
apologize.* She stood up and flew out of the cave. She spotted a robot
flying towards her. An evil smile spread across her face, and she formed her
energy sword and sped towards her target. Washu tryed to save her robot, but
it was too late. Ryoko easily caught up to it and sliced it in half. *That
was fun,* Ryoko thought. *What the hell is wrong with these people.*

Ryoko: Right mom, like you aren't three bananas short of a bunch

thought bitterly. Tenchi walked into the house, and he was questioned by
Ayeka. "Where were you Lord Tenchi? Where's Ryoko? Did that monster try to
seduce you again?" Tenchi sighed.

Aeka: Do I really sound like that?
Others: Yes (Aeka zaps them)
Aeka: What was that?
Others: Nothing princess

"I found Ryoko, but we had a little disagreement. She became angry and
teleported somewhere, and I came home." Ayeka was puzzled by this.

Aeka: No comprende engless

could have happened to make Ryoko mad at Tenchi?* "I am going to go to bed
early tonight. Goodnight Ayeka."

"Goodnight Lord Tenchi." Tenchi made his way upstairs. *I don't like what's
going on here. I'll ask Ryoko whenever she comes home.*

Aeka: I hate this story

Ryoko was nearing the house. She decided that she needed to soak in the
onsen for a while. She phased out and reappeared in the onsen in the nude.

Gene and Clayton: (Whistle)
Aeka: (grinds her teeth)
Tenchi: (faints again)

She lowered herself down into the water and sighed.

Mihoshi decided to soak in the onsen after reading a sad romance novel.

Gene: And thus a lemon was born

had a a bottle of sake with her as she ascended the stairs and walk up to
the onsen door. When she opened it, she was suprised to find Ryoko soaking
in the water.

Ryoko: It had better not be a lemon!

"Mind if I join you?" asked Mihoshi.

"Suit yourself."

"Want some sake?"

"Just what the doctor ordered." A half hour and 5 bottles of sake later

Ryoko: I don't even want to know where she had them
Gene: (Chuckles) I do

Ryoko and Mihoshi stumbled out of the onsen singing a messed up version of
"Hanging by a moment" by Lifehouse.

Tenchi: I've heard that one. The messed up version is the original

Tenchi was just about to sleep when he
heard the drunken wouen.

Aeka: Did one of Washu's creatures get out again?

He quietly opened the door to see Ryoko and Mihoshi
staggering down the hall supporting each other. He couldn't figure out what
they where singing, but he thougt it sounded familiar. He chuckled to
himself and then he went back to bed.

The next morning Tenchi awoke half expecting Ryoko to be floating above him,
but then he remember her and Mihoshi stumbling down the hall. *Well, those
two won't be up for a while.*

Gene: Ha, I knew it!
Ryoko: (Smacks him)

He got dressed and followed the scent of
sausage and bacon down the stairs.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he met Ayeka.

Tenchi: (turns to Aeka and shaked her hand) Happy to meet you
Aeka: Likewise

She gave him a quick
hug and said, "Good morning Lord Tenchi. Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Good morning Ayeka, and happy Valentine's Day to you too." Tenchi made his
way into the kitchen to greet Sasami. "Good morning Sasami. Happy
Valentine's Day."

"Good morning Tenchi!" Sasami then hugged him. "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Tenchi smiled back at her, and Ryo-ohki walked into the kitchen in toddler

"Happy Valentine's Day Ryo-ohki," said Tenchi with a smile.

"Miya miya miya!" She then walked up to Tenchi and hugged him.

All: Awww!

Ayeka decided to tell Washu that breakfast was nearly ready. She knocked on
Washu's door and waited for the red-headed scientist to answer. She didn't
wait long. The door swung open and Washu said, "Good morning Ayeka."

"Good morning mi...er...Little Washu. Breakfast is almost ready." Washu and
Ayeka headed towards the dining room. Ayeka decided to wake up Mihoshi, and
made her way towards Mihoshi's room.

Aeka: It was hard to make too. I got splinters

She opened the door, and she smiled.
*That's something you don't see every day.* Ryoko was laying in her stomach
on Mihoshi's bed and Mihoshi had her arm around Ryoko and was using her
shoulder as a pillow.

Ryoko: (Glares at everyone who was laughing) I've destroyed entire planets
All: Sorry

*Mmmm...I wonder.* Ayeka opened the door to the onsen
and spotted the empty sake bottles. *I knew it.* She smiled and decided to
let the pirate and galaxy police officer sleep. When she got downstairs, she
noticed Yosho and Nobiyuki had already arrived at the table.

Tenchi: He spelled it right!

breakfast, Ayeka kept glancing at Tenchi. She had a feeling something was
about to change. She planned on telling Tenchi how much she loved him. *Will
he choose me or Ryoko as his lover?

Aeka and Ryoko: (Sings) If you're gonna be my lover, you gotta get with my
Tenchi: Why's everybody always picking on me?

I hope he chooses me, but what happens
if he doesn't?*

Aeka: Death, destruction, mayhem! Kill kill kill!

She thought about this for a few moments. *It would be hurt very badly, but
if he does choose Ryoko over me, at least I know he will be in good hands.

Ryoko: Aeka, I'm touched
Aeka: in the head
Ryoko: (Hugs her) I know you love me
Gene: It's true, i've seen the lemons
Ryoko and Aeka: Yuck! (She and Aeka break apart)

He may not choose anyone, however, so i will have to wait and see. Please
let it be me if he chooses though.*

Gene: How do you feel about a runner up prize?

Tenchi noticed that Ayeka kept glancing at him and so did Sasami. "Is
something wrong Ayeka?' inquired Tenchi.

"No no, everything is fine," replied Ayeka while blushing slightly. Sasami
giggled and smiled at her sister. She knows her sister likes Tenchi, but she
also knows Ryoko does too. *I hope that they don't hurt each other if Tenchi
declares he likes one of them,* thought Sasami. She sighed, but then put on
her cheerful smile once again.

Clayton: Repressed feelings... Maybe Sasami should be in counseling.

*I wonder if Tenchi will choose one of them today. Although I think he has
already choosen, it will be very interessting to see what happens. I hope
Ayeka and Ryoko don't harm each other over Tenchi's decision though,* Washu
wondered. Breakfast was reallt quite today

All: Spelling and Grammar check!

because everyone was absorbed in
theri own thoughts. After breakfast, Tenchi went out to the fields to plant
more carrots. He only planned on doing half oh his normal work load though.

Gene: (Looks at Tenchi) Slacker
Tenchi: Hey I'm out there every day. Even I need a break

Ayeka began sweeping the shrine steps whle Sasami cleaned the bathrooms.
Washu built more robots, and put them to work on cleaning the onsen.
Ryo-ohki went upstairs to sleep with Ryoko.

Gene: (Gets hit befor he even opens his mouth)

A few hours past, and Sasami began preparing lunch.

Ryoko: Sasami should be pretty sick of the kitchen by now

Ryoko finally woke up,
and in getting up, she woke up Mihoshi and Ryo-ohki. The trio the headed
downstairs in hopes of getting some food. Tenchi finished his work for the
day and headed back to the house. Ayeaka finally finished sweeping, and she
headed back to the house as well.

Clayton: (Smirks) Seems everyone is finishing (Is hit) Ow
Gene: I feel your pain

Sasami fixed sushi and salad for lunch.
The family sat down for their meal, and began to eat. Ryoko attacked her
food with a vengence considering that she hadn't ate in over a day. She
ended up eating half the food Sasami prepared. After lunch, Tenchi and the
girls had a tournament of checkers.

Ryoko: (Funky Music plays) Mortal Kombat!

Of couse, Washu won easily. After they
played checkers, they decided to play a game of monopoly and Sasami won.
Tenchi decided to give the girls their presents. He gave Ryo-ohki her
carrot, and she miyad happily. He then gave Sasami her the white chocolates
he bought her, and she thanked him with a hug. Washu was the next one to
receive her present. She smiled at the chocolate computer and gave Tenchi a
peck on the cheek, which earned her evil glares from Ryoko and Ayeka.

Ryoko: I could accept life as an orphan Washu!

gave Mihoshi her teddy bear which earned him a bear hug from the beautiful

Tenchi: Can't... breathe!
Clayton: What's a blone?

Next, Ayeka received her cream-filled chocolates, and she proceeded
to hug Tenchi and peck him on the cheek.

Ryoko: (As Tenchi) Ah! It's a new Alfred Hitchcock movie!
Aeka: Oh shut up. You got him, don't rub it in

Then she engaged in a staring
contest with Ryoko, which she won because Ryoko was preoccupied. *Why did
Tenchi decide to give me my present last? Is it because he is angry with me
for the way I acted yesterday?* Ryoko pondered.

Ryoko: (Looks at Tenchi) Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Tenchi: No, but I think Gene is
Gene: (In Pinky's voice) I think so Ryoko, but where will we get a monkey
and a wig at this time of night?
Ryoko: (Looks at Aeka and bites her lip)

Tenchi reached into the bag
and handed Ryoko the treasure chest. Ryoko looked at how beautiful it was,
and she glomped Tenchi, who really had to struggle to keep from smiling to

Tenchi: Must... not... smile...

"Get off Lord Tenchi this instant you witch!" screamed Ayeka.

Aeka: Oh just give it up.

"Mind your own business, Miss Priss," Ryoko shot back.

Clayton: That's what my mom calls my sister

Both women began to
raise their energy levels.

Ryoko: Hey! This isn't Dragonball Z you know!

"You're just jealous of how much Tenchi and I
love each other, isn't that right Tenchi?"

"Uhhh...."was all Tenchi could manage to get out.

Tenchi: I have gotten better about that
Aeka: (Sneers at Ryoko) That's a matter of opinion
Ryoko: If you don't like it go back to Jurai
Aeka: Tenchi said I could stay as long as I want

"Lord Tenchi would never love a monster like you, isn't that right Lord

"Umm..."escaped Tenchi's throat.
"Ryoko! Ayeka! If you're going to fight, please take it outside!" yelled

"Fine!" screamed Ayeka and Ryoko in unison. Ryoko phased out and appeared
outside, and Ayeaka walked outside. More yelling and several explosios

Clayton: (As Mills Lane) I'll allow it!

Author of "How to Be an Anime Character" available on Amazon

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Everyone in the house sighed. A few minutes later, Ryoko and Ayeka
walked in the door with singed hair and ripped clothes.

Gene: (Cheers)

Their faces were
also covered in dirt. Everyone sweatdropped.

Ayeka and Ryoko immediately headed for the onsen to clean up. "That felt
great, Ayeka." Ryoko declared.

"It certainly did," Ayeka agreed.

All: (Look at Aeka and Ryoko suspiciously)
Gene: But what about Mihoshi Ryoko? (Hit again)

Everyone else downstairs decided to give Tenchi his presents. Several hugs
and "Thank yous" later, everyone pigged out on candy. Sasami then began
cooking dinner, and Washu went into her lab to experiment on things.

Ryoko: Oh please, we all know she's just downloading porn on that computer
of hers

Ryo-ohki went into the kitchen to beg Sasami for carrots. Tenchi did some
light training with his grandfather (Yosho), and Mihoshi watched television.

Soon everyone gathered around the table once again to eat another one of
Sasami's masterpieces.

Gene: Melfina cooks better
Clayton: I'm just amazed that you all stay so thin

Tonight she cooked some roast beef and stew. After
dinner everyone went about doing their usual activities. Ayeka pulled Tenchi
aside, however.

"Lord Tenchi, I wanted to give my gift to you in private," Ayeka said

Gene: Time for the lemon!

"Oh?" replied Tenchi with a little curiosity. Ayeka lead him into her room.

"Close your eyes," she said a little eagerly. Tenchi did as he was told.

Tenchi: Why am I worried?
Ryoko: Beats me

About 10 seconds later, she told him to open his eyes. He did so, and he was
amazed at the beautiful bouquet of carnations she gave him. He noticed the
card that read, "With my love always Princess Ayeka." He didn't know what to
say. He started to make a comment, but she put a finger over his lips.
"Don't say anything. Just let me tell you something. Okay?" He nodded and
she continued, "Tenchi, you are the most caring and considerate person I've
ever met. Your kindness is what keeps all of us girls here with you. I love
you very much Tenchi, and I have for quite sometime now. It is very hard for
me to confess my feelings to you because of my upbringing, but I can't hold
them in any longer. I want yout to know, Lord Tenchi, whether or not you
return my feelings, I will not leave, and I will not harm any of the other
girls if your heart belongs to them. Now, Lord Tenchi, please tell me how
you feel." Her eyes burned into his as she waited for a response.

Tenchi: (Hugs Aeka) Sorry again
Aeka: S'alright (sniffles)

"I don't really know what to say Ayeka...I never wanted to hurt any of you.
I love you all very much. I do not share your feelings. I love you as a
friend and nothing more. I am sorry Ayeka." The words he just said felt like
a hundred daggers piercing her heart. She wanted him to return her feelings
very very badly, but more that anything else, she wanted him to be truly
happy. She tried to force a smile, but she was hurting too badly.

Clayton: (Hands her some Advil)

"I will always love you Tenchi, even though I will have too love you as a
friend. I will always be there for you, no matter what." She then hugged him
very tightly as the tears began their descent. He hugged her back and kissed
her forehead.

"I will always treasure your friendshind."

Gene: Whatever that is

Tenchi then shed a few tears of
his own. He knew that he had wounded her deeply, and it made him sad. He
hated to see any of the girls in despair. She finally pulled away from him.
She was unable to see anything now because her tears blurred her vision.

"Tenchi, I need to be alone right now. Please leave." she barely managed to
say. Tenchi slowly walked out of the room and closed the door. As soon as
the door was closed she began balling uncontrollably, and she eventually
cried herself to sleep.

Aeka: No shame in that
Ryoko: That's right

Tench slowly descned the stairs. He had been denying his feelings for so
long to prevent that from occuring. Now that it happened, he was free to
admit his true feelings. He suspected Ayeka had deeper feelings for him that
she let show, but he didn't know how much she really loved him. He was no
longer worried about hurting her, and he turned his thoughts to Ryoko. Ryoko
was his angel.

He finally admitted to himself that he loved her. He learned
yesterday that she loved him because of the statue of him and her together.

Ryoko: Like I haven't said it every day since I met him.

He needed to talk to her because he could dcny his heart no longer.

Ryoko knew when Ayeka and Tenchi left together that Ayeka was going to
confess her feelings for him. She didn't know, however, how he felt about
her. *Does he love her? If he does, then I will accept it. I swear that I
will accept it.* She sat there on the roof waiting for Tenchi and Ayeka to
finish their discussion. When he did, it would be her turn to give Tenchi
her present to him. After quite a while Tenchi walked outdoors. Ryoko phased
out and appeared next to him.

"Tenchi, I will now give you your gift." She grabbed his arm and they phased

Clayton: (Hums the Crypt Keeper song)

They reappeared in Ryoko's clearing where she kept her statues. Tenchi
looked around and looked at each and every item.

Tenchi: I looked at a lot

"Ryoko, I thought you didn't want anyone to come here." She turned him
around to face her and their eyes met.

Ryoko: (As her eyes) Glad to meet ya
Aeka: Ok, we already did that joke

"Tenchi, I was very angry when I knew you saw my creations, but I realized
something. It doesn't matter to me if you know any of my secrets. It no
longer matters to me if anyone knows my secrets anymore. I have hidden any
signs of weakness away from everyone I love. It was because of your
discovery of this place yesterday that made me realize that my only weakness
is hiding my emotions. I am finally 100% free of Kagato.

Clayton: That's right, new and improved Ryoko with less cholesteral and no

I want you to know
something Tenchi. I love you more than anything in the universe. I would
give up my soul to protect you. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that I
would not do for you. If you don't share my feelin..." Tenchi cut her by
putting a finger on her lips.

Aeka: Copycat!

"Hush Ryoko, it is my turn for confession." She nodded at him

Gene: (As Tenchi) I wet the bed and that's why I don't like you sleeping in
my room
Tenchi: Hey!

"Ryoko, I have hidden my feelings as well. I didn't want to
hurt any of you, but my silence has already caused much more pain than I
ever tried to prevent. I love you, Ryoko, with my heart, body, and soul. I
would gladly die a thousand deaths to ensure your happiness and safety.I
could not imagine my life without you, and I want to grow old and die with

Clayton: Not that that will happen any time soon with how you two age

Tenchi got down on one knee without breaking his gaze away from her
beautiful golden eyes. "Ryoko, will you marry me?" Tears began to roll
freely down her cheeks. She wanted this more than anything. Her happiness in
that moment could not be matched by anyone else's who ever lived or would
ever live combined. Time froze in that moment. The would universe came to a
screeching halt and centered around her and Tenchi.

Ryoko: Yes I'll marry you Tenchi!
Tenchi: But... but I (Ryoko looks him in the eye and bit her lip. Tenchi
sighs and hugs her) Ok

She finally gained the composure to speak. "As many stars as there are in
the sky, that is the number of times I say yes." The two lovers could stand
it no longer.

Gene: Ye varily, but thine words have gotten odd

Tenchi stood up and drew her close. Their lips me in the most
passionate kiss of all time.

Aeka: (As the lawyer for The Princess Bride) We'll sue!

For 10 minutes their lips never parted. If a
comet were to crash next to them they wouldn't notice it. When their lips
finally parted, the earth smiled at them.

Clayton: (As the Earth) About damn time!

They were a match that was made
before the three goddesses who created the universe ever existed.

Ryoko: I'm not that old!

combined power could not come close to breaking their bond.

Tokimi's disembodied voice: Wanna bet?
All: (GULP)

Ryoko and Tenchi
walked through the woods, hand in hand, and they never said one word. Their
expressions said it all.

Tenchi: The early bird gets the worm
Ryoko: The second mouse gets the cheese

When the finally walked in the door, Washu was
their to greet them.

Aeka: So they own Washu now?

"So Tenchi, I see that you finally grew some balls, and my darling Ryoko, I
see that you have finally become a human being."

Ryoko: Oh shut up mom, you make it sound like the blue fairy stopped by

Washu walked forward to hug
them. When she reached them she was in her adult form. She hugged them
tightly and told Ryoko through their mental link, "I will stay in this form
forever because I finally developed the strenghth to be a mother to you."
Ryoko smiled at her mother.

Ryoko: (smiling sweetly) Touch Tenchi again and I'll rip out your hair

"You can be my mother if and only if you don't call me Little Ryoko." she
said through their link.

"I don't need to call you that anymore because you've finally grown up."
Washu said through their link. Sasami stood at the doorway with Ryo-ohki in
cabbit form on her head and smiled.

When the three finally broke their embrace, Washu returned to her lab to
plan for her future child.

Ryoko: Whoa! When did she get pregnant? I was watching and all she did was
hug him!
Clayton: Washu is very tricky
Ryoko: I'll kill her!

She knew that when Tenchi and Ryoko made love,
their child would develop 10 times more quickly than a normal human baby.

Tenchi: (As Robin Williams) Hi, I'm Jack!

Tenchi and Ryoko ascended the stairs together. When they reached the top, he
picked her up in his arms. "I still have to get you and engagement ring."
She just smiled at him.

"We'll worry about it later," she replied. It was Tenchi's turn to smile.

Aeka: Wait, I thought he said that all Ryoko did was smile.

"Happy Valentine's Day my Ryoko."

"Happy Valentine's Day my Tenchi, It'll be one to remember."

Gene: What day was that again?

Authors notes: I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed
writing it. As you can see, I am a firm believer in the Tenchi + Ryoko =
Love equation.

Clayton Tenchi and Ryoko: Us too!
Aeka: (Snorts)

I apologize if you think the characters are acting OOC.

Aeka: No kidding!

believe that there is enough basis in the OVA series to warrant my story.

All: Bullshit!

This story skips episodes 11-13 in the OVA series. I also moved the timeline
of the story up a bit by saying this occured in 2001. Please send me all of
your comments and criticism.

Aeka: Do mail bombs count?

Author of "How to Be an Anime Character" available on Amazon

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